Univ.Prof.Dr. Şerban-Dimitrie Soreanu

Daria ...

She is pianist! She has artistic vocation, she knows what she wants in everything she does, and she builds her personality with hardness. She began her musical studies early, since she was a little child, by discovering the wonderful instrument, a small piano found in her parents’ home, along with learning the letters in words and the digits in numbers. Daria speaks through the sounds of her piano and she creates geometrical sonorous expressions by her rigorous study. 

From the very beginning of her musical path, she had had a real organized system of work for obtaining a higher standard of artistic performance. Daria has already celebrated a decade in the sonofic Universe of pianistic Arts, obtaining public appreciations of great importance from some well-known artists, from her mentors that form solid supports for, possibly and probably, a wide European career. 

The years to come will be decisive, for her and all those persons who admire her with respect, in the consolidation and the widening of her repertoire, strongly marked by national and international reconnaissance. Now, Daria knows how to express scenically, by the expressivity of her gift received as a confirmation of the serious study she dedicates to the interpretative art, a multitude of solo pianistic creations, chamber music and concerts. 

Her stylistic arch opens in the Baroque and goes all the way until it reaches Modernity, comprehending not only important Names of the Musical Civilization, but also creations of a marvelous sentimental and intellectual value. I simply have faith in the artistic and human Destiny of this pianist! She is DARIA TUDOR…

Bucharest National University of Music, Romania

18th of February MMXII, Bucharest