Daria Tudor ...

…was born on 25th of July, 1997 in Ploieşti. She started the study of piano playing when she was 4 years old, under the coordination of Prof. Anca Borcea, in her native town. In 2006 she starts studying at National Art College “Dinu Lipatti”, Bucharest, with Prof.Dr. Adriana Bocăneanu. Early, with 2002 a new stage of work and study starts under the Mastery of Univ.Prof.Dr. Şerban-Dimitrie Soreanu from the National University of Music, forming Daria as Human Being and Musician. She finished the High school in July 2015 receiving the title "In Honoris". In February 2015 she passes successfully the entrance examination at UdK - Berlin, beign admitted at Prof. Pascal Devoyon and Rikako Murata class. She is following also the chamber music classes with Prof. Frank-Immo Zichner and "Artemis Quartet" and, also, the lied ones, as docent, with Prof. Axel Bauni and Prof. Eric Schneider.


Member of Trio “Sternin” (along with  violinist Georgeta Iordache and cello-players Andrei Ioniţă / Ella Bokor), Duo “Presto” (together with violinist Mao Konishi, from Japan) and Trio "Pyxis" (along with violinist Mao Konishi and cellist Haruma Sato - both frm Japan).


Daria’s artistic debut is marked by year 2002, when she obtains The Ist Prize at the National Competition “Paul Constantinescu”.

With years she has gained a series of national competitions, such as “Marţian Negrea”, “Golden Lyra” and one more time “Paul Constantinescu”, as well as international ones: “Jeunesses Musicales”, “Antonino Miserendino” – The Great Prize, “Pro Piano” – Ist Excellence Prize.

Moreover, she won the chamber music competititons: “George Georgescu” – with Duo  “Alter Ego”, “Gradus ad Parnassum” and “The Journey to Celebrity” – with Trio “Sternin”).

She was semifinalist at the XXIIIrd International Piano Competition of "Citta di Cantu" (age limit 35) – Italy, May 2013.

In November 2013 she gain the IInd Pize at the piano international competition “Nice Cote d’Azur” – France (the
XIIth edition), at the age category 23 (the Ist and the IIIrd Pizes were not awaded).

The month of May 2014 brings her the IInd Prize at the "Barlassina International Young Talents Competition", on both sections, clasic concerts and romantic concerts.

In June 2014 she won the IInd Prize at the XIIth "Citta di Padova" International Piano Competition -  "Virtuosity" section. At the same competition she won the Ist Prize at the "Soloists and Orchestra" section, age category 36 (performing the concert with the Venice and Padova Orchestra and with conductor Maffeo Scarpis).

In August 2014 she became, also, semifinalist at the "Valsesia Musica" International Piano Competition (edtion number XXX) - age limit 37. 

She took the same position level at the XXXV edition of "Delia Steinberg" I
nternational Piano Competition, in April 2016.

In May, the same year, she won the
IInd Pize at the "Debut at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall" International Piano Competition.

In August 2016 she received the jury prize ("Giovanni Turcotti") at the edition number XXXII of the International Piano Competition from Valsesia - Italy.

Her first Concert takes place at the age of only 9, together with Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra and under the conducting of  Alexandru Ganea, in  “Mihail Jora” Hall of  Romanian Radio Broadcasting. Ever since, she has been playing together with conductors Dirk Vermeulen, Horia Andreescu, Vladimir Onufriev, Ilarion Ionescu-Galaţi, Ovidiu Bălan, Sabin Păutza, Vlad Conta, Fakhradin Kerimov, Costin Grigore, Radu Postăvaru, Marius Hristescu, Traian Ichim, as well as with  Philharmonic orchestras “Paul Constantinescu” from Ploieşti (with the same orchestra concerting at “Auditorium” Hall of National Art Museum, Bucharest), “Moldova” from Iaşi, “Oltenia” from Craiova and with  Philharmonic orchestras of Sibiu (“Thalia” Hall), Oradea (“Enescu – Bartok” Hall), Piteşti, Târgu Mureş and, also, with the orchestra “Prima la Musica“ from Brussels (in the main “Auditorium“ of “La Monnaie“ Royal Theatre, Brussels).

In June 2013 she recorded, for the “Golden Audio Archive” of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting, the Concert for Piano and Orchestra no.1, op.15 by Ludwig van Beethoven, within the de  Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra and the conductor Cristian Brâncuşi.


She had numerous recitals, solo and chamber ones (on the stages of Philharmonic of Ploieşti, Iaşi, Sibiu, Piteşti, Craiova, in The Great Hall and in “Studio” Hall of Romanian Atheneum, in “Mihail Jora” Hall of Romanian Radio Broadcasting, at "St. Martin in the Fields" - London, in Franzosische Friedrichstadtkirche - Berlin, at "Artists Homes" - Berlin, on the ICR – Berlin Stage, in "Radialsystem V" - Berlin, on the Great Stage of Theatre “Givatayim” from Tel Aviv, in “Workshop” Hall of Romanian National Theatre in Bucharest, on the Great Stage of Royal Conservatory - Koninklijk from Bruxelles, in Concert Hall of Peleş Castle, at “JCC” – Bucharest etc.

She was invited to participate at some very important festivals: Kissinger Sommer - Bad Kissingen, Germany - June 2017, Mozartfest - Würzburg, Germany - June 2016


A uditions:  with Maria João Pires and Abdel Rahman El Bacha -  “Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel”, Belgium, March-April 2013
Masterclasswith Grigory Gruzman - Rachmaninov Foundation - Germany, November 2013, with Lea Yoanna Adam - Romania, September 2014, with Adrei Gavrilov Romania, October 2014, with Hakon Astubo - Romania, May 2015, with Boris Petrushansky - Germany, October 2016 and with Pavel Gililov - Germany, March 2017
Master courses: with Pascal Devoyon and Rikako Murata - International Music Academy "MusicAlp" - France, July - August 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017



She collaborated and/or continues the work with Foundation “Domhoff” (Freudenberg)-Germany, Foundation “Remember Enescu”, Cultural Association “Accendo”, Jewish Community Center of Romania (“JCC”), “jazz.ro”, Museum  “Paul Constantinescu”-Ploieşti, County Tulcea Scholar Department, with composers Fred Popovici, Ulpiu Vlad, Sabin Păutza and AG Weiberger, with Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society, Radio “Shalom Romania”, Romanian National Television, „Speranţa” TV, Trinitas TV, TV Money Channel, Alpha TV, Prahova TV etc. 

          “…Beyond any doubt she will be a first class pianist. Despite her young age, her interpretations reveal a strong personality and convey very convincing musical feelings. On the top of that, she is already impressively mastering the keyboard and can certainly approach any kind of repertoire, she is intelligent and eager to learn...." - Prof. Pascal Devoyon (“Universität der Künste” – UdK, Berlin) / 2014

“…a real instrument player , a player acting on the stage like a real professional one”- Luigi Gageos (“Jeunesses Musicales”) / 2005



“…We were listening to the Concert in Sol Major by Haydn  performed by Daria full of enthusiasm. She has been trully gifted with exceptional talent. Her performance was very professional from the  technical point of view and deeply musical, at the same time.”- Univ. Prof. Dr. Paul Dan & Dr.Haruko Kumagai (“Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst – Mannheim”) / 2007


“…an exceptional child…”- Ilarion Ionescu-Galaţi / 2007


“…those few recordings I have watched convinced me about an exceptional talent, a remmarcable presence on stage and a musical feeling announcing a marvelous future.” – Matei Varga (Concert Player of  the New York Philharmonic) / 2010 


“...a fascinating interpretation...” – Acad. Solomon Marcus / 2010


“...Her extraordinary talent manifested very early, accompanied by the extraordinary ability to continuously enrich the repertoire, to give her performances that inner power and spiritual ferment, as expressions of the maturity, beyond any inertia or sufficiency. Her achievements on the keyboard, creative intuition, large expressive force, the careful and relevant penetration in the pre-classical, classical and romantic music universes, including the Romanian ones, expressed the miraculous presences on the concert podium.– Univ.Prof.Dr. Ulpiu Vlad (Vice President  of the "Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists ") / 2010


The National Daily News “Adevărul” chose her “The Man of Day”, on the 24th of February 2008, with the opportunity of sustaining her Concert no.9 in E flat Major, KV 271 - “Jeunehomme”, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, concert performed in “Auditorium” Hall, within The Romanian National Art Museum in Bucharest.